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Sleep deprivation can disturb the endocrine regulation of energy homeostasis leading to weight gain and obesity. Sleep deprivation even for a single night can result in decrease in the circulating leptin levels and to increase ghrelin levels which then results in increased feeling of hunger.
This, in the long run may result in weight gain and obesity.
There are certain practices called "Sleep Hygiene" which should be followed by all to improve the quality of sleep. These include:
1. Avoid Alcohol, Tea, coffee or any other caffeine/nicotine containing product at least 4-6 hours before bedtime.
2. Avoid heavy exercises for at least 2 hours before sleeping, although a light stroll after may actually improve the sleep quality.
3. Avoid a heavy meal at dinner time.
4. Warm glass of milk usually helps sleep better.
5. A warm water shower can be very relaxing.
6. Computer & TV should not be used in the bedroom.
7. The atmosphere inside the bedroom should be calm and serene.
8. Phones especially mobile phones should be kept in the sleeping mode at night.
9. Keep the lights dim.
10. Lie down in bed only when feeling sleepy.
11. Maintain regular sleeping hours – Wake up and sleep at the same time daily.

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Dr.Vivek Nangia felicitated by Her Royal Highness Princess Royal at London

Dr.Nangia was one of the five Physicians from across the globe and the only one from India to be felicitated by her Royal Highness Princess Royal of London on successfully completing the prestigious program of infectious diseases.

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